The nights at Mas Sorrer


MISONNY Art Festival

El Festival d’Art de Mas Sorrer celebrarà aquest any la seva segona temporada, el cap de setmana del 9 i 10 de Juliol.

El festival té com a objectiu el suport d’artistes emergents.

Art, música, sostenibilitat, NFT, Metarvers.



Every Friday and Saturday night Mas Sorrer is full of music, dancing and fun. Every year we ensure that there are different musical styles and the best atmosphere to come and have fun with your friends. Dance floor, good music, good atmosphere and the best cocktails are the best plan for every weekend at Mas Sorrer!



The artists who pass through the house leave their mark, and a strong one! The level is high and the energy they bring to the Mas is contagious. The Sunflower Festival is back to stay and bringing in national artists for you to enjoy the musical culture of the Empordà every Thursday in summer. This year we present: Sra Tomasa, Pau Vallvé, Gertrudis, Sopa de Cabra, Delafé, Muerdo, Juanito Makandé, Tu Otra Bonita.



Our legendary DJ sessions where every Sunday we We will have the best DJs programmed every Sunday at our legendary DJ sessions, the kind of DJs that make you not know when to leave and keep you vibrating. Every Sunday in summer, with the help of Electrona Grup, we organise the Delirium Festival, a cultural, gastronomic and musical experience with the best national and international electronic DJs.